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How do I sign up?

Visit and visit the "Join" page. Or if you know a consultant, they can get you started. If you decide to sign up online, make sure you indicate whether you are working with a sponsor. A sponsor is responsible for helping to train you, serve as a sounding board, and provide ongoing support.

What is the role of a "Sponsor"?

A sponsor's role is to help mentor you in the business. When you are first getting started you will have TONS of questions! It's your sponsor's role to help you navigate through your first few parties and provide ongoing support as you grow your business. Having a sponsor is not required. However, you don't gain anything by not having one (and potentially lose out on a valuable resource!).

How much does it cost to get started?

It is 100% FREE to start! You have the option to sell manually or purchase your site for $20 annually.

How do you earn money as a consultant?

There are multiple ways to earn income as a consultant. Let’s quickly review them: 1. Buy products wholesale and sell them at retail (pretty much like any retail business). Consultants start at a 35% and can eventually move up to as high as 45%. We do not sell our products in stores, so the vehicle for selling is through in-home parties and online. People invite you into their homes to entertain their friends by demonstrating our line of lotions, lubricants, massage aids, and bedroom accessories. 2. Direct Customers to your social sites and/or website. When customers visit your social sites and place orders, you get paid directly, place your order, and keep your profit. If you opt to buy a website, the customers will purchase from your website and the money will be made available to you within 2-3 business days. 3. Build a successful team of consultants. Recruiting is always a choice – never required. However, when you invite other people to join the business with you and help train them to run a successful business, The Kink Shop rewards you with a higher buying discount. You can also earn override bonuses based on your team’s retail sales.

What if I just don’t like it?

Then stop - no hard feelings. When you start, we will work with you on a plan to do a handful of shows to try it out. If at that point you decide it’s not for you, throw in the towel and have some very nice products for yourself. But, you might decide that you love it!

What are the monthly quotas & recruiting requirements?

Very limited. Once you become "active" which means you've sold $200 in retail products within 60 days of signing up OR purchased the Gold/Platinum kit, you just need to place a $200 retail order every month to remain active. There are no recruiting requirements, but there are rewards for building a successful team.

How do I book parties?

There are lots of ways to book shows when you’re first starting out. Most of your bookings will come from your other parties. The first, thing you’ll want to do is host your own “launch party” where you will invite all the people you know to help you launch your business!

What type of people sell Kink Shop items?

All kinds of people! Discard any preconceived notions you may have about the type of people who do kink parties. We have 18 year old singles and 65 year old grandparents, high school dropouts and attorneys, people who have struggled financially and those who were financially set long before they decided to become consultants. Each person has their own unique story for why they decided to join.

Do I have to have experience?

Absolutely not! As long as you are motivated and a self-starter, we will train you to be a successful Kink Shop owner.

Will I have to pack and deliver orders myself?

No. We ship inventory from our warehouse once your orders are placed and paid. All of the discreetly packaged orders will ship directly to your host or the party guest themselves.

Shipping & Returns

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our products, once an item leaves our warehouse it is considered used, and therefore ineligible for return or exchange due to health and safety concerns. Our staff is trained in all of our products and more than happy to help you select the right item for you, if you have any questions before purchasing, please direct them to us via our contact form. If you have made your purchase through one of our consultants, either through one of our Home Parties or on their replicated website, please direct all questions or concerns to your consultant. If you believe your item is defective, and you are within the warranty period, please use our contact form or contact a consultant.

How are orders shipped and what is the timeframe for shipping?

When orders are placed please allow 2 days product handling and 5-7 business days for shipping. Order is shipped discreetly in standard USPS packaging.

Host a Party

How much does it cost to host a Kink Shop party?

Kink Shop parties are FREE! Have a fun night with your friends and invite a Kink Shop consultant out to join you.

I don’t want toys shown at my party. Is it possible to have just lotions?

It sure is! You can customize your party according the type of products that interest you and your guests. I will also email you some ideas for themes, such as a Lingerie Party.

I have a two month old, if I can’t find a babysitter is it okay if I put her to sleep upstairs during the party. She usually sleeps for hours and wouldn’t be aware that anyone was even here much less about a party going on downstairs. Would this be okay?

Unfortunately, I am not able to conduct a party in the presence of anyone who is not a woman over the age of 18.This means even if the baby was born 2 days ago, I could not knowingly conduct my party while they were in the home. Although it sounds extreme, in some areas this can be considered a form of contributing to a minor. All it would take is for one person at the party to be uncomfortable or make a complaint and my business could be at risk.

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