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What does a Kink Shop Consultant do?

Let's face it.... the adult industry is one that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It's actually rapidly growing. In an industry that is continuing to grow, join our team and start making money. Here's how!


Throw an unforgettable party for your host and their guest. Sell your products, give gifts, and cha-ching!


Fulfill orders for current and future clients. Remain professional, follow up, be knowledgeable, and cha-ching! Repeat customers.


Create your store online on Facebook, Instagram and more. Host online parties and have items available for purchase right there on social media. CHA-CHING!


Our consultants get 35% of all sales they make. Because our products are more affordable than our competitors, an average party get $750 in sales. 
The consultant makes $262.50 
Host 3 parties a week and you're looking average $787.50 a week before calculating your loyal customer repeat sales.


Build a team of bosses who want to make money running their own business and help them succeed. As you grow your team, you will level up to a Team Manager and make money off of your sells as well as your teams sells. 
Now this creates a passive income where you are literally making money in your sleep.

Ready to Join the Team? Give us some details to get you started.

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